Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week

"I wanted to take my aesthetic and find a new way of working it," Victoria said before the show.

The stark opening looks in black were fluttering and airy, from the opening lingerie inspired maxi dress followed by a relaxed button-down shown with a long skirt . The same rules that have always applied still apply: solid colors, no prints; athletic cuts; and fabrics with a dry, almost crisp feel, like canvas, georgette, chiffon, and lace—sometimes all in one dress. Although she did include a few silk blouses and midi-length skirts with a bit more breathing room, more typical of her new offerings was a white button-down with graphic lace sleeves that topped a sunset orange A-line miniskirt as body-loving as anything Ala├»a has ever done. The gals who requested more tailoring won't be disappointed, either. Beckham poured all the sexiness of her signature dresses into a pair of high-waisted stovepipe-skinny trousers, and its matching single-breasted jacket looked sharp, too.

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