Beth Ditto wants IKEA-inspired plus size clothing fashion line

Beth Ditto - Jean Paul Gaultier
Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto has spoken out about her plans for a signature plus size fashion line comprising simple basics, which she says would be "the IKEA of clothes for fat girls and boys."

"It wouldn't be crazy designs - it would be simple. I want to make the IKEA of clothes for fat girls and boys. Cheap, affordable, basic - but ethically made. Basics, you know?" Ditto told in an interview May 24.
The musician is also interested in nurturing her passion for vintage attire via an online store and is looking for the right partner for such a project.
"I want to do a ‘buy the outfit' function, and I want to show how outfits look on all kinds of different body types, even boys and butches," she added.
"It's high concept, and I don't have time. I'd need to find someone to work with me on it, but I'm also very controlling about this, just like I am with Gossip stuff."
Ditto also commented on the controversy following Chanel creative director and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld's comments earlier this year that songstress Adele has "a divine voice and a beautiful face," but is "a little too fat."
"First of all, Karl Lagerfeld is not even sane. Second of all, he's not the end-all, be-all of what he does. He's really talented, but that doesn't mean he's right," said the singer.
"Third, Karl Lagerfeld used to be this really fat, eccentric dude. He always had that fat kid fan with him, too. To me, only a person who was fat could get away with saying something like that."
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